Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fig jam!

This weekend I made it out to Ferry Building, hoping to catch my friend Dave who is volunteering at the booth of one of my favorite nonprofits, La Cocina. Alas, I was too early for Dave, but not for some excellent figs.

I bought two baskets of organic figs at $5 each and have been following Sean Timberlake's recipe, with a few mods.

2 baskets of figs
1 c sugar
2 tb honey

Pour boiling water over the figs. Let sit for 15 minutes, then remove the stems and pat dry.

Mash and measure the figs--I got about 3 cups. Mine were a bit sweet, so I added a scant 1 c of sugar--you may wish to add more to taste.

Pop the mashed figs in a sturdy dutch oven and cover with water (mine took 2.5 c water). Stirring occasionally, simmer the mashed fruit with sugar and honey for about three hours, until the mixture thickens and pulls together. Process in sterilized jars.