Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fig jam!

This weekend I made it out to Ferry Building, hoping to catch my friend Dave who is volunteering at the booth of one of my favorite nonprofits, La Cocina. Alas, I was too early for Dave, but not for some excellent figs.

I bought two baskets of organic figs at $5 each and have been following Sean Timberlake's recipe, with a few mods.

2 baskets of figs
1 c sugar
2 tb honey

Pour boiling water over the figs. Let sit for 15 minutes, then remove the stems and pat dry.

Mash and measure the figs--I got about 3 cups. Mine were a bit sweet, so I added a scant 1 c of sugar--you may wish to add more to taste.

Pop the mashed figs in a sturdy dutch oven and cover with water (mine took 2.5 c water). Stirring occasionally, simmer the mashed fruit with sugar and honey for about three hours, until the mixture thickens and pulls together. Process in sterilized jars.

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seantimberlake said...

I am chagrinned to say that we did not do any fig jam this autumn, tho not for lack of making preserves. Now it's time to do another round of pumpkin butter though!