Thursday, July 19, 2007

Green is the new black

Few types of shopping appeal to me, but those that do (food shopping and book shopping) are an integral part of this experiment.

I work from recipes about 50% of the time I make jam, but I'm always reading recipes, trying to pick up proportions, processes and tricks that guide me when I'm working without formal instruction.

Sunday I went to Alemany to buy green plums for this week's jam, then it was off to Green Apple Books to check out their selection of new and used cookbooks.

Of cookbooks they offer many, from out-of-print editions of James Beard classics to $300 copies of El Bulli treatises with money shots of caramelized trout roe. They even have a little section on preserved/canned foods, which is where I find my jam books.

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KennethSF said...

I regularly sacrifice a chunk of green--a significant portion of my paycheck--at the cash register at Green Apple Books. So what did you end up bringing home? James Beard or El Bulli?